Please call JCPL to check the availability of the community room before making a your request below.


~~Please read carefully the following policy.  You are responsible for reading and understanding the terms and conditions of this policy.  If you have any questions, contact the library during regular business hours and we will be glad to answer your questions.


The function of the Community Room is to serve the cultural, educational, and civic interests of the citizens of Jackson County by providing a non-profit, non-commercial meeting place without bias to racial, ethnic, religious, and political groups.

The Community Room provides an assembly place for such community activities as lectures, exhibits, light musical programs, audiovisual presentations, computer classes, and other forms of programming. The Community Room is available for the use of non-profit, non-commercial group meetings. Meetings must be held without charge for admission or monetary solicitation and be open to the public. Library staff may ask for documentation confirming a group’s not-for-profit, non-commercial status if not commonly known. The Community Room application may be subject to approval by the Library Director. The group must indicate in any literature advertising its program that advance notice is required for handicapped accommodations.

The Library Director or designee must review all handout literature, fliers, press releases which any approved applicant intends to distribute before, during, and after the meeting. These materials must be submitted to the Library Director at least two (2) weeks prior to the date and time of use of the Community Room.

All such materials must include the following statement:

                          “The Jackson County Public Library neither sponsors nor endorses

                          this event  nor the presenting individual or organization.”

Failure to comply with this rule may result in the denial of future Community Room applications by the same individual and/or group of individuals.

Community Room applications will be subject to the following priorities as to the dates and times of use:                                                 


 1. Library-sponsored activities are given priority in scheduling the use of the room.
 2.  All other meetings or programs for which an application has been approved.
 3.  Application for the use of the Community Room may be made in person at the Director’s office. A deposit of $25 is required if the kitchen is used. The deposit will be refunded if the room and kitchen are left clean and with no damages. The Community Room will be assigned in the order in which requests are received.
 4.  Should property be damaged or destroyed, the Library reserves the right to ask the user to replace or pay for items or property damaged/destroyed.
 5.  Children’s groups may use the Community Room provided that one (1) adult per ten (10) children is in attendance. An adult must be present and must assume responsibility for any damage to the room and its contents.
 6.  Organizational groups conducting meetings in the Community Room must assume responsibility for any damage to the room and its contents.
 7.  The room must be left clean; chairs stacked neatly, floor swept, tables, and kitchen area clean. A broom and dustpan will be left in the kitchen for use in cleaning. Please remove all garbage when leaving. Turn off all appliances and lights. Lock all doors upon exiting the building.
 8.  All areas of the Main Library are off-limits for any after-hour meetings.
 9.  Groups requiring the use of equipment will make arrangements with Library staff to learn the use of the equipment a minimum of 72 hours prior to the reserved date. The Library WILL NOT provide staff to operate AV equipment during meetings.
10.  The Jackson County Public Library is a non-smoking facility; therefore, smoking is not allowed in the Community Room or anywhere inside the building.  There is a smoking post located at the front, on the outside of the Library for the disposal of cigarettes.
11.  An organization may not use the name or address of the Library as their official address or headquarters.
12.  The Director is authorized to deny permission to use the Community Room to any group or persons that are disorderly or violate these regulations.
13.  Alcoholic beverages of any type are prohibited in and on the property of the Library.
14.  The Library accepts no liability or responsibility for any damage to persons or property arising from the use of the Community Room.
15.  All properties, equipment, and exhibit materials brought into the Community Room are subject to approval by the Library Director. Any such materials or properties must be removed immediately after the use of the room.
16.      Meetings are normally scheduled during regular library hours. The user will be responsible for set-up/take-down and clean-up and is expected to include set-up/take-down and clean-up time within the scheduled time period. The Library hours are posted on the main lobby door.

17.  A $25 clean-up deposit is required.  Deposit is returned upon inspection of space after the day of the event.

18.  Party bookings during library hours are $25 per two-hour time slots.  Party bookings include celebrations, showers, vendor events, etc.

19.  After-hour booking is available at a charge of $25 per hour.   The $25 per hour charge is calculated (not prorated) at the beginning of each hour.  Payment must be made prior to the start of the event.
All users must be finished and signed-out of the Community Room before the beginning of the next hour to avoid the additional charge of $25 per hour.

                Ex.    6:00 pm - 7:00 pm = $25
                         7:00 pm - 7:01 pm = $25
                                                Total:  $50

Library staff must be present and will digitally monitor the time allotted.  Before the scheduled event, the user will sign-in at the front desk with library staff.  The time will then be noted on the Community Room Request Form that has been signed by the user.  The user will have knowledge of this in/out time before the event begins. Users are responsible for signing out with the library staff that is present.

20.  A copy of these Community Room policies and procedures will be given to each group upon request, utilizing the Community Room.

Thank you for your cooperation!




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