The new and improved Overdrive app that makes ebooks and audiobooks EASY!

Twenty (20) books per account 
Books are checked out for 2 weeks at a time and can be renewed up to 2 times for a total of 6 weeks check out.
You can renew books by calling, bringing them back to the library, or online through OPAC.  Late books accrue a fine of $0.05 per book/per day.

Four (4) Movies (2) games per household.
(per household, due to limited quantities.)
Movies/games are checked out for 2 days at a time and cannot be renewed (due to limited quantities)
Thursday and Friday are the best days to check-out  movies since we do not count the weekend, they are not due back until Monday.
Late movies/games accrue a fine of 1.00 per movie/game per day
Fines should be less than 1.00 in order to borrow materials

Many programs allow for removal of fines such as Fine Forgiveness weeks, Food for Fines, trade ins, etc.  Enquire at the front desk about these opportunities.

Public Computers are accessible with your patron card for one (1) hour checkout.  Additional time can be allotted with availability.  If you know you will need additional time, please call ahead to work out details.  Additional time will be dependent if other computers are open and no one is waiting to use computers.

COMPUTER PRINTS & COPIES:  $0.20 per copy
Please use print preview/only print what is needed.
If materials are printed that are not needed, they still must be paid for.

Public Wi-Fi is available to public during regular business hours
Enquire at front desk for Wi-Fi password.

Faxing is free, if sent locally or $1.00 per page if sent long distance.
To receive a fax is $0.20 per sheet.
Ask about other services the Jackson County Public Library offers such as:
~Lamination ~Premium Photo Printing ~Interlibrary loans ~Programming for all ages

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)
At the top of the page choose either “MY ACCOUNT” or “SEARCH LIBRARY COLLECTION” and the OPAC will open in a new tab.
In the upper right corner in the account box, choose LOG ON
Your user name is the nine-digit card number and until changed, your pin is the last four digits of the library card.  This is the same information you will use if accessing Overdrive/Libby, or Kanopy
Once logged on you can check reserves, items out, fines, change account information, interests, and see your history.

If you need help with basic technology or references, schedule an appointment with one of the library staff.
We always welcome any questions you may have about our services.  Please ask if you have any!

Ashley Wagers, Director
Louise Smith, Librarian/Cataloging Specialist
McKenzie York, Library Services
Emily Combs, Bookmobile/Outreach Librarian
Kaylee Horn, Library Services
Dylan Harrison, Circulation Manager

Joe Sparks, Custodian


   All fines are paused due to COVID-19

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