Thursday Tween Craft - Tortilla Pizza

Bonus Video - World Read Aloud Day

2020 Summer Reading READING CHALLANGE

Week #6: Imagine Your COOKING Story
This week, we head into the kitchen for THE GREAT PIZZA CONTEST show, featuring two feuding pizza makers, Vincent Van Dough and Leonardo Da Munchi as they vie to make the birthday pie for Mayor Ann Chovi. Kids will become the people in the town of Mozzarella when they make a pencil-thin mustache craft, paper-plate “flag” pizzas, and a no-bake fruit pizza recipe. Older kids will flex their cooking chops when they make granola pinwheels, tortilla pizzas, and pie-in-a-glass. Instead of a guest performer, this week we’ll visit Gayon and Willimour Daniel at YOUNG CHEF’S ACADEMY-CORAL SPRINGS where they’ll teach us how to whip up even more “half-baked” ideas. Our guest author is Margaret Dilloway, author of the tasty middle grade novel, SUMMER OF A THOUSAND PIES.

MONDAY SHOW DAY - Adventure Story - The Great Pizza Contest



Thursday Tween Craft - Pencil Mustaches

Thursday Tween Craft - Granola Pinwheels

TUESDAY:  Younger Kid Craft Day - Cup Pies

TUESDAY:  Younger Kids Craft - Paper Plate Pizzas

Wednesday Author Day - Margaret Dilloway


TUESDAY:  Younger Kid Craft Day - Fruit Pizza

FRIDAY – FIELD TRIP – The Noodle Station