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Wiggle Worms Online Storytime Early Literacy for ages 0-5 Jessica VanZant, Children's Librarian "Stay Tuned for a special announcement after the video." We've had some fun and now we're done... Good-bye, Good-bye! We've had some fun and now we're done... Good-by to all MY Wiggle Worms!

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What are Early Literary Skills?

Children learn many important things during the early literacy phase. They:

  • Build vocabulary
  • Learn how our language works and use it to tell stories, share ideas and ask questions
  • Learn how to handle and use books as well as learning about different types of books like stories, fact books, poetry, cookbooks, etc.
  • Begin to write through drawing and scribbling
  • Play with the sounds of language through songs, rhymes and tongue twisters
  • Build their knowledge of the world around them
  • Understand letter-sound connections
  • Develop a love of literacy (reading and writing)

Babies, Toddlers and Early Reading
Babies begin to learn the skills they need for reading and writing from the everyday interactions they have with the trusted adults in their life.  Talking, having conversations, singing, and even coloring help prepare your child for success!





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