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Tina Ward

Position: Outreach/Bookmobile Librarian
Email Address:
Mailing Address:
PO Box 160 McKee KY 40447

Our outreach librarian Tina  is like a friendly book ambassador who takes the library beyond its physical walls and into the community. She is literally a superhero, but instead of capes, She wears a  smile and carries books!

A boy with a backpack and a woman are smiling in a blue hallway.

Her main goal is to connect with people who might not be able to visit the library easily, whether due to distance, mobility issues, or other reasons. She brings library services and resources directly to these individuals, often through events, programs, or partnerships with community organizations.

She spends her days organizing storytimes with our children's librarian at local schools, seting up pop-up libraries at community centers, or even bring books to nursing homes. She also distributes food boxes to community members that qualify every month through our partnership with God's Pantry!

But her work doesn't stop there! She is also commited to bringing  literacy and lifelong learning, offering assistance with finding information, navigating technology, and accessing library services.

In short, our Tina is the best outreach librarian ever! and shows how librarians are passionate advocates for the power of libraries to transform lives, one community at a time.

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